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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Genetic structure of Corona virus is not changing rapidly

Spread of Corona, red sign
Spread of Corona
There is a comforting news for those battling Corona's havoc.  Corona virus, like influenza, is not rapidly changing its genetic structure.  

That is, its structure was four months ago in Wuhan, China, it is still almost the same.  Because of this, it will be easy to make a long-term vaccine against the corona virus.  Whereas many viruses like influenza constantly change their genetic structure and have to prepare new vaccines every time.

According to scientists of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) monitoring the nature of the corona virus in India, the corona virus found in India is largely the same.  While these have reached India through people living in many countries.

Normally the corona virus changes its structure as it passes from one to another human body, which is called mutation.  This process of mutation is not seen in the corona virus.  Last week, ICMR scientist Raman Gangakhedkar had said that the genetic structure of the corona virus found in India 99.  9 percent was similar to the virus found in Wuhan city.  They also feared mutation of the virus by changing its genetic structure.  It is not that only in India, the genetic structure of the corona virus is being found similar.

Corona virus, Ball shaped virus
Corona virus

The virus is found to be largely the same all over the world.  For this reason it is believed that the corona virus does not have the properties of rapidly changing genetic structure like other viruses such as influenza.  For this reason, if a vaccine is made to prevent this virus or if an effective drug is developed for the affected patients, it will be effective for a long time.

However, the scientists of ICMR say that it is too early to say anything about this virus.  A conclusion can be reached only after monitoring the corona virus for a long time.  It is also difficult to say how soon the vaccine can be ready.

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