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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Amazing television series you must watch

Television series. I can spend all day seeing them, without even getting tired, for there are so many to pick from—ranging from romance, to comedy, to adventure, to family drama... 

What tv series to watch?

Whoever you are, there is a television series out there to match your taste. I have compiled a shortlist of my favorite Television series across a number of genres.

1) The Vampire Diaries:

The vampire diaries, American series
The Vampire Diaries was released on 10 September 2009. This series based on Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, and Thriller. 

The Vampire Diaries might be my all-time favorite series. It's one of those you just can't stop watching, the moment you begin it. Set in a fictional town, called Mystic Falls, it tells the story of two vampire brothers—Damon and Stefan Salvatore—who fell in love with the same girl, Elena. Your first thought might be some boring romance twilight rip-off. But this series is nothing like Twilight at all.

The show exposes the most interesting characters on television. Every season presents a new reason to clutch the arm of your chair, even tighter. The threats the protagonists face is breathtaking and will leave you gnashing and screaming like a little girl on Halloween night.

2) How To Get Away With Murder:

How to Get Away with Murder was released on 25 September 2014. This series based on Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller.

When it comes to a law drama, HTGAWM is usually my first recommendation, because I believe it is the best out there. It tells the story of Annalise, a most renowned lawyer who finds herself caught in a web of various murder conspiracies, alongside her star students, as she is forced to either protect the murderer or bring the murderer to justice, using any means at her disposal.

This series has inspired many young people to go into studying law, as it paints it in a very interesting light. The drama it holds has been crafted with many twists, that will leave you shocked at every turn.

3) Money Heist:

Money Heist
Money Heist was released on 2 May 2017. This series based on Action, Crime, Mystery and Thriller.

Arguably the most popular Television series today. The Spanish show tells the story of a man, known as the Professor, who recruits the best criminals in all of Spain—who have nothing to lose, almost—for the most interesting job. To rob a bank. The story has been brilliantly crafted to leave viewers wanting more after every episode. The heroes are faced with the most challenging confrontations, as they struggle to escape the police, who would stop at nothing to bring this band of brilliant criminals down.

4) You:

You series
You was released on 9 September 2018. This series based on Crime, Romance, Drama and Thriller.

You is one of my favorite series of all time. It tells the story of Joe, a psychopathic hopeless romantic, who falls in love with a girl and stalks her, doing anything to be with her—including killing anyone who would come in his way.

Joe has been my favorite psychopath on television, since I began watching the show. Joe is smart and calculative. Joe is an intelligent liar. Most of the time, he has good intentions for people—he has been shown to be quite sympathetic—he just has the most twisted darkest ways of taking care of people. It is that soft part of him, that part that cares, that makes viewers of this show love the character so much.

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