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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Corona virus: Myth vs Fact

Coronavirus myths, Covid-19 myths
The myths that have been created about the corona virus. This image is uploaded on 13/04/2020.

The corona virus, which began in China, has taken its time to spread across the globe, leaving everyone who cares in hysteria. Once upon a time, it was an epidemic. It terrorized China, and people in other countries prayed silently that it won’t creep into their borders. But, unfortunately, prayers have proven to be ineffective against the crafty virus. Today, it has become a pandemic—a worldwide emergency—and it has affected almost everyone mentally, economically, financially, physically, or/and emotionally. Everyone has heard about the corona virus, and everyone is saying something about. In times like this, people will say all sort of things and spread widely-believed myths. Here are some of them, and the truth behind it.

Myth: There are certain home remedies that can kill the virus.
I have heard of people who drink teas made with garlic and ginger and whatnot. While those are very healthy and might help build the immunity of a person’s system and reduce the gravity of the symptoms, it cannot kill the virus—not even if one gargles the tea for an hour.
Sadly, there is no known cure for the corona virus. If one suspects that one is infected, the best think one can do is isolate one’s self and contact the medical authorities for proper tests.

Myth: One should wear disposable masks if one must leave one’s home.
Walking down the roads of Lagos, I have seen many people who cover their faces with these masks. Yes, I admire the efforts these people make to contain the virus, but it is just sad that these efforts are unnecessary. Those disposable masks should be worn only by those who have already been infected, or health workers who take care of infected people—because they are at a higher risk of being infected.

Myth: A cure will be available soon.
While I wish this one was true, it sadly is not. Why? Because it isn’t that simple. HIV has been around for too long now, and we still do not have a certain cure. Corona virus is one scientists are still trying to fully understand. To develop a cure, it might take years of different stages of research, which will only keep getting difficult because this is a virus that literally mutates.

So, it’s best to stop hoping for a cure and simply do what we must to stop the spread, so the health workers can take care of those that have already been infected.

Myth: An infected person cannot spread the virus until said person begins to show symptoms.

Well, if this were true, then the virus would be easier to control. But, alas, the virus is far craftier. One can spread the virus, even without symptoms—the virus has been shown to be asymptomatic sometimes, so people who have it just go around spreading it, without even realizing it.

The best thing to do to stay safe in this trying time is wash your hands as frequently as possible with an anti-bacterial soap and running water for at least 30 minutes, avoid crowded spaces, cough and sneeze into your elbow, and most importantly, stay at home.

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