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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

illegal works that are common all over the country

illegal works, illegal work
A woman is under an obligation to do the illegal work for money. This post is uploaded on April 7th 2020.

The legality of prostitute in countries around the world varies. While some countries have legalized the practice, for example Germany, which even have a law, the Prostitution Protection Act, protecting prostitutes, some have stern laws against it, like China. Prostitution is legal in 53 countries, limitedly legal in 12, while it is deemed as illegal work in 35 countries. Other countries have no law for or against it, but it’s practice still persist despite this. 

Prostitution has been one of the oldest jobs in the world, but its practice has generated a lot of argument for and against it, even among female right activists. While the world is not as it was centuries back, with people becoming more liberal and accommodating of things that will be termed as social perversions, there are still those who oppose the practice of prostitution, even without being moral about it.

One of the many ills the continued practice of prostitution has propagated is human trafficking. Girls are trafficked from mostly third world countries to Europe and America, and even Asia with the promise of skilled jobs, only to find out that they have been brought to work as prostitutes. These girls are given inhumane treatments and made to continue being prostitutes against their will. They are coerced and forced by pimps or traffickers. This act is barbaric and crazy. Most of the trafficked girls are under the age of 18, which is not a legal age for consensual sex in most countries. But because they are mostly in demand by the men who patronize the prostitutes, the traffickers wouldn’t care about that. This is a strong argument against prostitution. Also, a very strong argument against prostitution is its proclivity to promote the continued demeaning and exploitation of the women folks. Men who patronize these prostitutes molest and bend them to their will to satisfy their sexual demands. Some of these dehumanizing practices continue to fuel the male dominance narrative over females. The prostitute’s sexual needs are not put into consideration, with their only role in the sexual act being what the man demands. This is patriarchal and should not be allowed to continue.

Prostitution encourages violence against women, as most prostitute are victim of violence. There have been lots of report of physical violence, molestation, threat to life, assault and even physical brutality by prostitutes. These violence suffered by them always tend to leave psychological and emotional scars in them. Even after they’ve stopped being prostitutes, they carry these injurious psychological and emotional pains with them. This negative long term effect leads to depression, trauma, anxiety, stress, drug abuse, alcoholism and eating disorders. These have led many to harm themselves or commit suicide.

Prostitution does not necessarily empower the women involve financially, even in the countries where it is legalized. While they are taxed and contribute to the GDP of the countries they are legalized, they are not financially stable, because they have huge debts to clear, especially from pimps, traffickers and brothel owners. They come from poor backgrounds, especially the ones trafficked from Asia and Africa, and it is this poverty that fuels their involvement in prostitution. This is why governments around the world must take the girl-child education and women empowerment very seriously. So that women and young girls will not be lured into prostitution with the promise of financial freedom, which they never get to achieve.

These are solid points why governments around the world, especially in the countries where prostitution is legal, should criminalize every act associated with it and crack down on it strongly, while also fashioning out programmes that will empower women and young girls.

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  1. Considered the world's oldest profession, infortunately is marred with diseases, wage disparity, illegal activities, drugs and abuse. We have grown as a society but still we push people into this mire. Hope we come out.

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